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Our program is fast, simple, and lets you take advantage of those opportunities that just can't wait for a traditional bank loan.

American business owners have outstanding vision and perseverance. To build a great company, it takes ingenuity, determination, and dedication. From hiring good people to generating new customers we understand it is tough being a small business owner. That's why solid financial partnerships can be the difference between a growing small business, those that just tread water and those that don't make it.

Expansion Capital Group is that valued partner for expansion capital solutions. We are entrepreneurs who have launched and created businesses. Like you, we sweat the small stuff.

Our entrepreneurial background gives us great appreciation for what you have built, your determination to continued growing, and an understanding to how working capital can be critical to your success. We provide expert guidance with our team of experienced finance managers dedicated to your success. We strive to be your financial partners for the long haul.

Our Core Principles

Responsible Business Funding
We utilize a sustainable and scalable system of small business funding that enables small businesses to grow and thrive.
Complete and Truthful Communication
We ensure that our small business customers are provided all the details about our products so that they can make the best decisions for their business.
Excellent Customer Service
Our employees are committed to providing an experience that meets or exceeds the ECG standard of service.
Customer Courtesy
We strive to be a trusted partner to small businesses, promptly responding to inquiries, and treating our customers with all due respect.
Security & Privacy
We constantly audit and evaluate the privacy and security of our customers' sensitive information, and provide clear disclosures of how customer information is used in our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Expanding Without Compromise
As ECG grows, we endeavor to attract and retain only the best employees we can.


The team at Expansion Capital Group includes graduates from the following top universities:

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