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Do I Qualify?

These are the 6 basic elements we examine to determine eligibility. If you have these bases covered, fill out our easy application.

In business 6+ months

After six months, we know your business has staying power.

Personal Credit Score 500+

While your credit doesn't need to be perfect, a score over 500 tells us you're a good match for one of our funding products. This score minimum applies to any co-owners as well!

Annual Sales or Revenue of at least $100,000

A healthy business can show regular income through bank statements.

Business in one of 700+ categories

While we can fund most businesses in the United States, we are restricted from funding certain industries.

Business located in any U.S. State

We can fund businesses in all 50 states.

Not a startup

While we can only provide funding to established businesses, we do have some resources for businesses looking to get off the ground.