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Tips to Align Your Chiropractic Business for Success

Many people only run to the chiropractor when their back is out of whack. These few and far between visits are not going to maximize your profits. In order to turn all your patients into repeat patients with routine visits, you need to alter the current model of operation.

There are routine things you can do within your office to increase productivity and profits. Realistically schedule visits to reduce wait times, maximizing patients and minimalizing additional costs. This includes pre-scheduling appointments and enforcing a cancellation policy with penalties. In addition, keep current on your clinical knowledge to offer the most up to date medical advice. But most current chiropractic clinics, i.e. your competition, are already doing these things; in order to stay one step ahead, you need to get creative and think outside the box. In chiropractic, you sometimes have to reinvent the wheel to create a well-rounded model of success.

Below are a few tips to Align Your Chiropractic Business for Success:

Implement a strategy for wellness and holistic whole health

Educate your patients on the benefits of good health and well-being. Clients will come because you offer the knowledge and expertise that they feel is beneficial to their life. One way to do so is to offer a wellness plan or classes in addition to regular chiropractic adjustments. Not only will this create the basis for good preventative health, it gives you a competitive advantage as your business will be the only place in town where they can receive these services and knowledge. Don’t just adjust a patient’s spine; adjust their day to day thinking and actions to create a better working, healthier body.

In chiropractic you need to embody what Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and get your patients to live this mantra.

Offer a comprehensive wellness plan with a competitive pricing strategy. This can be a combination of adjustments, nutrition, and weight loss and inches goals. This plan needs to work and as a well-educated body expert, you know what it takes to get your patients healthy. Proper nutrition is essential in whole body health. When you integrate adjustments, exercise, and diet into a patient’s lifestyle, it not only makes your job easier, but also gives them a healthier, better body ensuring they return for future visits.

Having a wellness plan like this is also a great marketing tool and should be heavily featured on your website and promotional materials.

Educate your patients on the benefits of paying attention to tension

Oftentimes pain comes about when we do something wrong, like sitting in an uncomfortable position in an office chair for hours on end or slumping and hunching our backs when standing. Posture is a key proponent to whole body and chiropractic health. Teach your patients to pay attention to their posture and the way they move their bodies.

Create a spa like experience

Another way to go above and beyond the traditional chiropractic experience is to remove the clinical aspect and create a spa like experience. Offer massages in addition to adjustments and offer aesthetic services. Search for a licensed aesthetician and massage therapist you can partner with just like your podiatric friend. This person should have great reviews, a good personality, and fit in with your practice. If you can’t commit fully to having a licensed aesthetician or massage therapist on staff, you can utilize his or her services by having a special pamper yourself day/night weekly or monthly. Pre-book these appointments with your chiropractic appointments and have the benefit of one patient paying for two or three services as opposed to one. This will also save them time in their busy schedules because they can conveniently fit all their treatments into one time slot and location.

Start a website and create a social media presence

If you don’t already have a website, create one! Websites are essential in the current marketplace. It puts a face to a name and enhances credibility while allowing you to advertise, promote your business, and connect with your patients via an online sharing community. If you are not online you are missing this opportunity to manage what your patients are saying about you in reviews and address positive and negative feedback.

In addition to a website, create and maintain an engaging Facebook account. Post informative tips and topics to start a conversation in order to generate likes and shares. Display a prominent photo of the practice in your cover photo and your logo in the profile pic. A great way to generate more likes and buzz is to offer a relevant contest. Get potential likes by instructing followers to share a post and then select a winner at random. The prize for this contest will not only create a new customer, but also highlight a new service you may be offering. An example of a status and contest would be: “Share this status to win a free adjustment and a discount on our new aesthetic services. Click here to see the menu of services.” This cross-promotes traffic between your social media outlets and your website.

Keeping your Chiropractic clinic profitable doesn’t have to be a hard task. Sometimes it just requires a few minor adjustments to work out the kinks. Have fun and be creative in your strategy while maintaining the utmost level of medical professionalism. Remember to think outside the box and create a new norm, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition and keep you as profitable as possible.

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